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Why Should I See an Orthodontic Specialist for Braces Instead of a General Dentist?

Sometimes, people are faced with a dental dilemma—they need braces, but they aren’t sure if they should stick with their dentist or turn to an orthodontic specialist to get them. While they may desire to have healthy teeth and a beautiful smile after braces, they want to be conscientious of their budget, time, appearance, and other considerations that make them question what the right decision is. Today, we’ll look into why you should turn to a trusted orthodontist like Hamilton Dental to make sure you’re getting the best and longest-lasting treatment for your particular dental needs.

What’s The Difference Between a General Dentist and an Orthodontic Specialist?

Orthodontic treatment involves a lot more than just aligning your teeth. While braces certainly result in more appealing teeth, orthodontists are specially trained to detect and correct complex bite and jaw issues that are typically beyond the scope and skill level of general dentists. Orthodontists receive continued education for two to three years after dental school. Their training involves targeted instruction on malocclusions, craniofacial anatomy, biomechanics, and some other concepts you’re probably not familiar with—and that’s okay! Since orthodontic specialists have extensive backgrounds, you should rely on them to provide appropriate, comprehensive treatment for all of your oral needs.

Orthodontic Specialists Above The Rest

At Hamilton Dental, we’ll explore treatment that goes beyond pretty teeth; consider conditions like a crooked bite or jaw joint dysfunction. If these were to go uncorrected, they could create painful problems, gum issues, and tooth loss down the road. At Hamilton Dental, we’ll work hard to provide you a comprehensive treatment plan to align your teeth long term, correct overbites, and much more.

If you’re looking to get braces in Hamilton, NJ, we invite you to schedule a consultation with our orthodontic specialists to discuss our recommendation for your treatment needs. We want your smile and oral health to be beautiful for life! We look forward to putting a new and improved smile on you or your children’s faces.

We offer a lot more than braces! If you need us to fill your cavities near Monmouth County, NJ, contact Hamilton Dental today.