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What to Expect During Dental Hygiene Awareness Month

Two young girls in pink pajamas brushing their teeth in front of the bathroom sink with their mom

Fall is in the air now that the calendar has turned from September to October. People pick pumpkins, the leaves start falling, and ciders are flowing. At the same time, most people focus on the bounties of autumn and the upcoming Halloween season, dentist offices across the nation embrace and promote Dental Hygiene Awareness Month and all of its educational opportunities. 

While most people understand good dental hygiene habits, many may not have a complete picture of what that actually means. This month aims to promote awareness of the importance of developing healthy habits, improved brushing techniques, and more. Here are just some of the things you expect to do during Dental Hygiene Awareness Month. 

Building Better Habits

While people may know that they should brush their teeth twice a day, they may not know the exact hows or whys behind the practices. They may believe that brushing for 30 seconds is good enough and forget to floss or use mouthwash. However, with the help of Dental Hygiene Awareness Month, they can learn the reasons behind the recommendations and improve their overall techniques. 

Sometimes, people require a reminder of why they need to take better care of their oral health and ensure they have a healthy smile. There are three vital components to your ongoing oral health habits that a good adult dentistry practice in Hamilton, NJ, will promote this month. 

Improve Brushing Technique

Most people haven’t changed their brushing technique since they first learned how to during childhood. It has become such an ingrained habit that they barely give it a second thought. However, that could also mean that they haven’t taken a good look at the actual mechanics of their brushing. Here are some helpful tips you can use right now to improve your brushing technique:

  • Position the toothbrush at a 45-degree angle towards the gums.
  • Move the brush gently back and forth.
  • Get the outer and chewing surfaces.
  • Position it vertically and brush the inner surfaces.
  • Don’t forget your tongue!

Flossing 101

One of the most neglected oral hygiene habits, flossing remains a vital component of your dental health care routine. Dental hygienists recommend flossing between your teeth at least once per day, as it allows you to clean the parts of your mouth that your brush simply cannot reach. You can clear your mouth of the microscopic food particles and plaque that get stuck between your teeth and cause damaging cavities. 

Don’t Forget to Rinse

Your optimal oral hygiene routine isn’t over once you finish flossing. The last step towards improved dental care habits includes using mouthwash to rinse your mouth when you finish. While it’s not necessarily required, like brushing and flossing, rinsing your mouth helps eliminate pesky bacteria from your mouth that have so far evaded your efforts. It can also further prevent gum disease from developing. 

Celebrating the Dental Hygienist in Your Life

While the month is built around improving your daily habits and overall oral hygiene, it’s not the only thing people can take away from this celebration. It allows you to recognize the important work of dental hygienists worldwide, helping their patients build better smiles and create long-lasting healthy dental hygiene habits. 

These people have made it their life’s mission to help patients cultivate better habits and take the best care of their teeth possible. Taking some time out during your next October visit to thank them and let them know you appreciate their hard work can go a long way. 

Come Celebrate Dental Hygiene Awareness Month With Hamilton Dental

Whether you have built excellent lifelong dental hygiene habits or you could use a refresher, Hamilton Dental provides our patients with the help and support they need to get their mouths healthy and happy. We work with every patient to identify areas where they can improve their performance, relearn proper techniques, and practice good oral health habits. We highly recommend scheduling your next oral health care appointment as quickly as possible. 

If you need to get your teeth cleaned to remove plaque or want to learn more about National Dental Hygiene Month, don’t wait! Contact our team to schedule your next dental appointment in Mercer County, NJ, and learn how to raise awareness of improved dental health habits today!