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What You Need to Know About Radiographs

Radiographs, or dental x-rays, are images of your teeth that your dentist uses to evaluate your overall oral health. They have low levels of radiation to capture images of the inside of your mouth, including the interior of your teeth and gums. Radiographs can help your dentist identify issues like cavities, tooth decay, impacted teeth, and more. While the machinery (and even the word ‘radiograph’) may seem sophisticated and a tad intimidating, they’re actually widely-used resources that are just as crucial as scheduled teeth cleanings.

Let’s take a more in-depth look into the benefits of radiography, as well as how Hamilton Dental can help you and your teeth.

Why We Need Radiography

Dental x-rays pick up on more than just cavities; they’re used to detect other existing problems as well as prevent developing or future complications that are invisible to the naked eye. For adults, these x-rays can reveal hidden decay in between your teeth or below an existing filing. By observing the structures of the mouth, x-rays can show bone loss associated with gum disease, cysts, abscesses, and in some cases, tumors.

In children, x-rays monitor tooth decay and let the dentist know how permanent teeth are developing. Dental professionals can look at teeth’s roots along with jaw placement and facial structure. They can also make sure wisdom teeth aren’t becoming impacted.

While we know the benefits of dental x-rays outweigh any potential health risks, let’s explore radiation’s role in radiography.

Radiation Reservations

Sometimes, patients are concerned about radiation exposure from dental radiographs. Naturally, they’d want to limit anything that may present a health risk to either themselves or their children who are also getting their teeth looked at. Modern technology, however, means that patients are exposed to only an extremely limited amount of radiation. The minimal exposure from a focused beam is definitely safer than risking an oral issue that may go otherwise unnoticed! In fact, a simple dental x-ray may even save you or your child’s life.

Whether you need your cavities filled near Monmouth County, NJ or to get braces in Hamilton, NJ, consider Hamilton Dental to be on your teeth’s beck and call! Contact us today for more information about all of our dental services.