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Welcome Back to Our Offices!

After two months of limited operations due to COVID-19, the state of NJ has allowed the resumption of voluntary dental procedures starting on May 26th. Therefore, Hamilton Dental Associates will be reopening our offices and begin offering more services to our patients! We will start by offering our regular dental and kids dental service to Monmouth County, NJ, Mercer County NJ, and the surrounding areas in a limited capacity. As we begin to see even more progress within our state, we will expand our services further.

When we say “limited capacity,” we mean that we will make sure we give priority to those who had postponed appointments during our COVID-19 closure. We will also be giving priority to timely procedures. To help with this prioritization, we may ask you to complete a brief screening over the phone before scheduling your appointment. Our limited capacity is, in large part, a way to help comply with social distancing measures that are still in place, so please be patient with our staff if we cannot see you right away.

Assuring Your Safety

With reopening comes certain precautions that we must take to keep our patients healthy and prevent the possibility of a second wave. As previously mentioned, we are looking to ensure that we take all necessary social distancing measures. This means that appointments will be spaced out to keep our waiting rooms from getting too crowded and to give our staff time to properly and thoroughly clean each treatment space between appointments.

All members of our team will be equipped with PPE, including KN95 masks, gloves, and surgical gowns. We encourage anyone coming in for a visit to wear a facemask while waiting for treatment and to utilize the hand sanitizer that will be available in multiple locations across our offices. 

If you are seeking an appointment with us, we encourage you to call our offices to confirm your scheduling. A staff member from our team will then reach out to complete scheduling your appointment. We are taking a variety of appointments for multiple services, so whether you need to schedule your oral surgery or you need an orthodontic professional to align your teeth, Middlesex County, NJ and beyond can now receive these services through Hamilton Dental Associates once again. Contact us today to learn more about our current operations.