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How to Combat Tooth Decay in Children

Getting children to take oral hygiene seriously can be a struggle. Helping to instill positive dental health habits early is a way to go about it, but it is still challenging to get your kids excited about creating a daily brushing and flossing routine. There are additional risk factors involved that determine which kids are at a higher risk of tooth decay and the steps that you can take to help prevent it from degrading further. Getting help from your kids’ dental service in Monmouth County, NJ and the surrounding areas can help you develop a plan of attack to combat tooth decay. 

Shifting Away from a High Sugar Diet

Many children with sugar and starches featured heavily in their diets develop a greater risk of tooth decay. The sugar found in food interacts with the bacteria in plaque and produces acid. This acid wears away at the enamel of the child’s teeth and causes cavities to form. Adjusting your child’s diet and steering away from food with higher added sugar levels can help counter and minimize the risk of further tooth decay. 

Identify Problem Spots Early

There are ways to identify that tooth decay has begun in your child’s teeth. White spots that develop on the affected teeth indicate that the tooth decay process has started. By adjusting the diet and taking a proactive approach to regular brushing and flossing, the minerals found in saliva can begin to naturally rebuild the enamel and reverse tooth decay before having to resort to cavity fillings. 

Increased Exposure to Fluoride 

Fluoride helps to strengthen tooth enamel and can help to reverse tooth decay in the early development stages. Children can get more exposure to fluoride through a few sources if they drink fluoridated water from a community water supply. Roughly 74% of Americans get their water from sources that have been treated with fluoride. They can also use a fluoride-based toothpaste to help strengthen their teeth. If your dentist thinks that your child needs additional fluoride, there are supplemental options available, including fluoride gels or varnishes, prescribed fluoride tablets, or a fluoride mouthwash. 

If you are looking for a dentist to help combat your child’s tooth decay or looking for an excellent gum disease doctor in Mercer County, NJ, contact Hamilton Dental to set up an appointment today!