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How Does Pregnancy Affect Oral Health?

Pregnancy places your body in constant flux. As your body adjusts to the growing life inside of you, biochemical changes are occurring that have a direct impact on your body, including your oral health. As these potential problems develop, you may wonder if it is safe for you and your baby to go to the dentist during pregnancy. Fortunately, The American Dental Association and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists agree: receiving dental care during pregnancy is safe, including single tooth implants for women in Mercer County, NJ. With that said, we encourage you to schedule an appointment to address any issues at hand.  Delaying treatment can lead to dire consequences down the road. 

Gingivitis and Periodontitis 

Throughout your pregnancy, hormone changes can lead to potential gum problems. These changes can lead to both gingivitis and the more severe periodontitis if left untreated. Additionally, some women may develop noticeable lumps on their gums throughout pregnancy. Usually, these lumps are not painful; however, they can make brushing your teeth more difficult. These lumps should go away after your baby is born, though if they prove to be too much of detriment to your oral hygiene care, your dentist may surgically remove them. 

Dental Erosion 

Dental erosion occurs when you begin to lose the hard outer layer of your teeth. This condition is often the result of your teeth being continually exposed to acid. During pregnancy, one may experience morning sickness and other instances of vomiting. If this occurs with frequency, the acid levels in the mouth may increase, causing wear to the protective layers of the dentition.  


As stated, receiving dental treatment during pregnancy is safe and encouraged to prevent any potential long-term harm. For gingivitis, getting a professional teeth cleaning helps treat the infection, and then an at-home treatment involving regular brushing and flossing helps prevent future occurrences. As for dental erosion, if pregnancy sickness occurs, it is recommended to rinse one’s mouth out with a teaspoon of baking soda in one cup of water to reduce the acidity that develops. Once this has been done, wait at least one hour to brush your teeth to allow the mixture time to coat your teeth and render the acid inert. 

Whether you are pregnant looking for dental procedures or looking to get dentures in Hamilton, NJ, the staff at Hamilton Dental can help address your unique situation! Contact the Hamilton Dental team to schedule your next appointment today!