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How Do I Know Which Dental Products Really Help?

Every toothpaste and dental product commercial talks about how four out of five dentists approve of this product and then shows the fifth dentist getting into some wacky situation that caused them to vote down that product. While we cannot speak for any potential wacky situations that may affect the evaluation process, the American Dental Association undergoes thorough research and testing to ensure that every product receives its seal of acceptance. The organization also researches the popular, albeit scientifically unproven, trends and identifies them as such. 

How the ADA Seal of Acceptance Works

With the variety of companies on the market making a wide range of specific claims about what their dental products do, knowing which ones can back up their claims is crucial if you want to spend your money wisely between regular check-ups. On the packaging, the ADA seal of acceptance should always be visible. Included alongside the seal will be a bulleted list of all the product claims that have been backed by science. Products such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, mouthwash, and additional products can feature the ADA Seal of Acceptance. 

How Does a Product Earn a Seal of Acceptance?

Companies cannot slap the ADA Seal of Acceptance on any product without having the scientific data to back it up. The ADA only permits a company to use the seal once they meet the burden of scientific proof. Companies that seek the ADA’s approval must provide results from laboratory tests and clinical studies that support the dental health claims associated with the product. These tests and studies must be conducted by independent third parties that do not have a vested interest in or association with the company in any way. The impartiality of science must be preserved so that the product can stand on its own. 

The ADA also offers support for independent laboratories that work with these companies to conduct their research better. This voluntary program helps the labs conduct their research studies better and provide consistently reliable results. Additionally, the ADA also conducts its own research into specific products that they deem necessary. 

Looking for the Seal of Acceptance

As you look for dental products on store shelves that will help your toothaches and general oral hygiene, looking for the ADA Seal of Acceptance becomes a critical part of the process. Knowing the most effective products to invest your time and money into between your dentist visits is easier when you know what to look for with the ADA Seal of Acceptance. 

If you’re curious about learning more about the dental products you use, your dentist can answer additional questions about the ADA Seal of Acceptance. If you are looking to schedule an appointment for general dentistry in Middlesex County, NJ, contact Hamilton Dental today! We can help address any questions you may have and direct you to the best dental products you can find.