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How To Safely Go To Your Dentist During a Pandemic

A dentist wearing PPE performs a routine dental checkup on a young boy.

Ever since the COVID-19 lockdowns began in March, people have had to adapt to new challenges and prioritize their safety over going out into the world. Erring on the side of caution has led to many people putting off routine dental visits, such as teeth cleanings, cavity fillings, or getting ceramic crowns in Hamilton, NJ. However, delaying even the most basic dental procedures can potentially lead to dire health consequences beyond your mouth. So the question becomes, how have dental practices worked to make the process of going for non-emergency dental care a safe affair for dentists and patients alike? 

Safety for Everyone Comes First

As soon as the quarantine began, the American Dental Association recommended that all non-emergency dental procedures be put on hold until further notice. During that time, they conducted reviews and studies of how they could make dental visits safe for both patients and dentists. By May, they had recommendations and plans put into place to help ease concerns from patients and dentists alike. 

By starting with a pre-appointment screening, patients let their dentists know a rough guess of how they currently feel, and if they have been anywhere that qualifies as “high risk.” From there, dentists are seeing fewer people in the office at a given time to cut down on potential contact between patients and keep within imposed capacity limits. The on-hand nurse will take your temperature, and as long as you do not have a fever, you will wait in a socially distanced waiting room or your vehicle until your dentist is ready to see you.

Once your dentist is ready, you will notice that they are decked out in multiple layers of PPE equipment.  Taking every precaution to limit the spread of COVID-19 between dentists and patients alike is the number one priority. It provides our patients with the dental work they need to maintain their overall oral health. 

If you are comfortable and ready to come in for a regular check-up or need oral surgery in the Mercer County area, contact the Hamilton Dental team today! Our talented staff is looking forward to seeing you with our new safety protocols in place!