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Everything You’ve Wanted to Know About Root Canals

In dental procedures, the root canal represents a serious, albeit routine procedure that dentists perform every day. When someone hears the words “root canal,” it sounds like a painful and invasive procedure that they want to avoid at all costs. However, with the best root canal dentists in Hamilton, NJ, we can make your root canal experience as painless as possible. Before you schedule your next appointment, here’s a breakdown of what root canals are, what the practice of endodontics consists of, and how it helps keep your dental health at its best. 

What Is The Practice of Endodontics?

Endodontics is a dental concentration specializing in the study, treatment, and therapy of dental pulp, the material found within your teeth. As such, endodontists work exclusively with the treatment of tooth pulp, handling the complex issues that develop inside the tooth and figuring out the best course of action. In a majority of cases, root canals represent the best path forward towards healthy tooth pulp.

What Are Root Canals?

When the pulp inside a particular tooth becomes infected due to ongoing tooth decay, cracked enamel, or faulty crowns, root canals become necessary for your full recovery. When patients first hear about root canals, the procedure sounds scary and intimidating. Your endodontist performing the root canal will do the following:

  • Extract bacteria and decay from the infected pulp, the surrounding root, and the nerve
  • Treat the infected area with antibiotics
  • Refill the empty roots after it’s been cleaned
  • Seal the area with a dental crown to prevent further damage

Symptoms That Indicate You Might Need a Root Canal

Several key indicators can let you know whether or not you require a root canal before setting foot in a dentist’s chair. If you suffer from persistent tooth pain, have increased sensitivity to heat and cold, discolored teeth, swollen gums, pain when you eat, chipped teeth, or you feel a permanent tooth moving in your mouth, then a root canal may be in your future. 

When your dentist brings up the prospect of a root canal, there is no need to fear! With the right endodontic team on your side, you can have a routine and painless procedure and be on your way to better dental health. With the dentists you trust with your emergency tooth extraction needs, Hamilton Dental is ready to see you for your next dental appointment! Contact us to schedule your next visit today!