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Can I Use Antibiotics for My Tooth Pain?

Graphic of tooth with antibiotics

Tooth pain can be a complicated subject. The pain’s underlying cause can stem from a wide range of reasons, including damaged fillings, tooth decay, gum disease, and bacterial infections. Patients will look towards multiple avenues for relief of this pain, with antibiotics being one of them. While antibiotics can provide relief for your tooth pain, antibiotic medications can prove detrimental in the long run without a proper diagnosis. 

Not All Toothaches Are Created Equal

As with other pains and infections that our bodies fight off, toothaches do not share a common cause. With this lack of common origins, each toothache may not respond to the same treatment course. With bacterial infections, especially, the more they are exposed to specific antibiotics, the greater the odds that they build an immunity to the particular treatment becomes. Identifying the toothache source means that you have a clear path towards a practical course of treatment. They can treat the source of discomfort at the infection site instead of taking antibiotics that may or may not have an actual effect on the pain. 

Know When To Use Them

The key to success for antibiotic-focused treatments revolves around using them when the situation requires them. A conversation with your physician or dentist about your current symptoms can better inform the decisions regarding treatment. For example, if you are running a high fever in addition to the tooth pain, it could mean that the infection has spread past the initial site. In cases such as this, a focused antibiotic treatment can be the remedy you need. 

Overuse Leads to Resistance 

With bacterial infections, the threat of them mutating to a resistant strain is a common concern. These changes can occur naturally through the bacteria multiplying independently or through exposure to the antibiotics. Improper use of antibiotics can lead to mutation of bacterial strains that are not affected by regular treatment. As these strains continue to multiply unaffected by medicine, they can grow exponentially and cause illnesses that are more difficult to treat. 

Make a More Informed Decision

Antibiotics can be an effective course of treatment for acute tooth pain, under the right circumstances. Consult your physician or dentist to determine the best course of action for your current tooth pain. Only through a proper diagnosis can you know whether any antibiotics you can take will have a discernible impact on your pain and the infection. Use the antibiotics when instructed by your doctor or dentist to get the best results. 

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