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4 Pediatric Dental Services Your Child May Need

It’s been a long quarantine, but the state of New Jersey is finally starting to see the first steps of returning to normalcy. As you are beginning to get back into the swing of things, you may realize that it is time to address certain issues that may have slipped to the back of your mind — such as your child’s dental routines! When Mercer County, Burlington County, Hunterdon County, and Monmouth County, NJ need kids’ dental services, Hamilton Dental Associates can provide some of the best quality care in the region. Here are four common dental procedures that may require an appointment with our pediatric dentists:

Space Maintainers

Has your child prematurely lost a baby tooth? There’s a decent chance that their adult tooth may not have grown in yet.  The space left behind may cause problems down the line, including the tipping or crowding of the adjacent teeth. In these instances, we can apply space maintainers into the tooth opening to preserve it until the adult tooth is ready to grow in — something we will monitor in any follow-up appointments.


Kids will be kids, and they will get into incidents where they chip or crack their teeth from getting too rambunctious! If you haven’t been able to schedule an emergency appointment while our offices were closed, give us a call, and we can look to schedule your child for a bonding appointment. This non-invasive procedure is a simple alternative to adding a new crown where we attach a resin to your enamel that gives the look and feel of a regular part of the tooth.


As your child grows in their molars, they will certainly be using them quite often to chew anything. The deeper grooves in these adult teeth are especially at risk for cavities.  By placing a sealant in these teeth’s grooves, we can prevent bacteria from building up in these deep grooves and help prevent cavities before they start.  It’s a minimal procedure that can pay off huge dividends down the line.

Orthodontic Services

Does your child have a crooked smile? Looking for someone who can align their teeth near Middlesex County, NJ and beyond? Well, you’re in luck! Our orthodontists can help children of all ages straighten their teeth with painless methods, and will help make their experience as fun as possible! Whether your child has an overbite, underbite, or gaps between their teeth, we can make sure their smile is perfect.

If you’ve been holding off on dental services for your child, now is the time to make an appointment with Hamilton Dental Associates. Contact us today to find out the earliest possible date that we can schedule your appointment.