Holiday Family Adoption

This year, we adopted five local Hamilton families for the holidays. We collected and purchased gifts for everyone, wrapped them, and then sent them home with the families so they could have a very happy and joyous holiday. The thought of all of these gifts sitting by fireplaces or under trees in Hamilton and Trenton made everyone in the office happy to join in.

Not only did we receive lots of participation, but afterwards we also felt lots of joy that we were able to have a major impact on the lives of multiple local families. While we frequently give back to the community and our patients, rarely do we have such a direct and dramatic impact on those we help. For the holidays in the past, we have collected Toys for Tots, or given to other local organizations, but none had the concentrated impact of our campaign this year. We allowed some families to have happier holidays – that is the best satisfaction we can experience.

To all those who donated money or gifts, thank you for your generous support!

Certificate of Appreciation